Saturday, September 22, 2012

Part 2 review of Toronto Raptors 2012 off-season

Other off-season moves by the Toronto Raptors:

- The Toronto Raptors finally signed Centre Jonas Valanciunas this year to a rookie contract who was selected 4th in the first in 2011 by the Raptors as his team agreed to a buyout. Valanciunas is a promising big man with his strength for rebounding and blocking shots which the Raptors really need in the post. 

- Raptors choose not bring back Jerryd Bayless as they removed his qualifying offer of about $4 million who then signed with the Memphis Grizzlies. Bayless did express interest to remain with the Raptors. However, due to the acquisition of point guard Lowry and having Calderon as a point guard would have made it costly for Raptors to keep Bayless

- Raptors traded James Johnson for a 2nd round pick as we all knew it would happen because of reported conflict between the management 
- Raptors signed point guard John Lucas III to a 2 year 3 million dollar contract who is a very good option as a 3rd string point guard

- Raptors signed veteran Alan Anderson who can provide support to the bench. He was also signed late last season when multiple Raptor players were injured

- Raptors brought back and signed centre Aaron Gray who can be one of the mentors to Valanciunas
Raptors also brought Canadian centre and Torontonian Jamal Magloire, a veteran who has played 12 NBA seasons will be a key mentor to Jonas Valanciunas

- Raptors signed forward Dominic McGuire who played with Golden State warriors last season and appeared in 64 games

     To sum up the whole offseason, it was a good one for the Toronto Raptors. Although they are not likely to win the championship this season, they are heading towards the right direction and getting to the playoffs this season should be their main priority. However, the team must be able to mesh and it could days, weeks or even months.  Please stay tuned to my blog as I will be blogging more about Raptors related news in a couple days!


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